#MyNextBigThing 3.0

#MyNextBigThing is my personal project to let out my creativity? from my inner self

It started recently because the ideas just pop out of my head

Well I am very proud to make my mini suite a comfy place for my guests *my brothers actually 😁 and I 

By the way, on top right is #MyNextBigThing 2.0 and the bracelets hanging place is #MyNextBigThing 3.0

#MyNextBigThing 1.0 project is a secret! 😇

Next is to come soon….


The struggle was REAL

Firstly do not compare your kind of struggle with my kind of struggle; to be exact, struggle of a dental student

The REAL struggle I would say was when I started my 3rd year of undergraduate until the peak of 5th year where I thought my 5-year-journey would end if I failed to make it with scroll this year

Seriously everybody would have that feel of insecurity, it just they straight forward expressed theirs, didn’t express, didn’t want to express or just go with the flow until where it will bring them with positivity 

Even those who fell and rise up with encouragement and determination, the process of rise up was bitter 

I don’t have to story tell my unfortunate clinical life in 3rd and 4th year and to tell you, it really did unfortunate 😕 and I don’t want to turn back time

In beginning of 5th year where I planned my clinical schedule and backed up for what I didn’t achieve in 3rd and 4th year

I consulted my lecturers and supervisors, planned with my friends, asked Dua from my parents and leave everything to Allah

After some time and towards the end of 1st semester, it didn’t go well with my pre-planned clinical schedule

I didn’t have to mention, some human is really bad at catching up with time and that some human happened to be me

I would say I only achieved 1/10 of my target achievement before end of 5th year

I didn’t want to be late before it get too late

Then came REAL struggle, insecurity, inferiority, psychological migrane, ‘unattended’ tears

I think everyone witnessed that, either direct or indirect

The moment when entering our class, purple clinic coat unbuttoned and laser eyes shoot whoever’s calling

Beware, lion in the class 🦁

Chasing patients were unending and clinical cases hadn’t finish yet, 2nd semester was near to the end

What do I have to expect?

To graduate on time? Will I?

The struggle was REAL

For your information, we do not treat sick teeth only but we go around 360 degrees of patient’s problem from head to toe to solve their problems 

Try Dentistry and you’ll know how it taste 😏

It will!

There are times when doctors suddenly find themselves in a predicament

But even if they think that they are already prepared for every possible situation

Reality often proves to be worse than what they originally expected

And it’s the nature of doctors to be highly competitive 

They want to overcome every challenge that they encounter even the unimaginable ones

That’s why their brains never stop working and their hands never stop moving 

Because they will surely find a way somehow

– Aizawa sensei