jump start


Here about me;

I am an easy going 25-year-old dentist from 8am to 5pm but an explorer for most of the time. *if anyone here truly knows me, I do explore and discover things quite a lot by myself, it just I don’t speak out loud  😎

Since I have extra time in my 24 hours, I’m using that to explore the full potential of my body (workout and try out adventurous activities), polish my skills (photography) that I’ve been saving since my undergrad, travel to beautiful places that I’ve been eying since my secondary school time and many more to come!

Time passes by much faster these days; I will be 26 this August so I have to fully utilise it before I regret later…

Btw, I live in Sg Petani, Kedah with my wonderful family; umi, abah, muaz, syuaib, yunus, ishaq and muhammad.

Alhamdulillah for all blessings He has given me 😊

I am Nurhani bt Jauhar and this is my story. 

@oliigoguma [2009-2019]. 

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