Day1: “Nothing much.”

Sit in conference room and join pass-over meeting, walk here and there, exhausting myself, dozed off until the next morning


Day2: “Know the anatomy and its related.” 

Then you know where to cut.


Day3: “Keep calm because you’re only observing.” 

Before becoming a good surgeon, be a good assistant first. Do it right. Clear everything and make everyone’s work easy peasy. 

Plus do some good – my 5th blood donation 😊


Day4: “Bring out the knowledge and share.”

Grand ward round today! With grand new things to be kept and share!




Day5: “It’s everything!”

Good experience here; soft-skill, assisting and observing have improved. But need to read more.

Well done Hani! 👌🏻 Alhamdulillah 😊

Top wish: Hoping for someone (after this) will ask me who’s my teacher (for appraisal of course!) Go go get ready! 💪🏻

Ok I’ll just summarized the cases:

1. Orthognathic surgery: Le Fort 1 osteotomy of maxilla with bilateral sagittal split osteotomy of mandible under GA – Class III malocclusion and wafer as final occlusion rearrangement

2. Open Reduction Internal Fixation of lower right parasymphysis of mandible fracture with miniplates & screw via i/o lower right incision and resuturing laceration wound on lower right angle of mandible under GA – lower right parasymphysis of mandible fracture

3. Excisional biopsy – painless & ddx on right lateral border of tongue; overgrowth 5×5 cm is traumatic ulcer and ddx on left lateral border of tongue; white patches 7×3 cm is lichenoid reaction *since the pt is taking meds