[Chinese New Year holiday 2015]

~Almost 8am, I, or not, we were told that BT (read bed-side teaching) session with Mr K was back on schedule. That day, I have patients on both morning and evening session with 2 impressions to be poured and ate lunched at 4.30pm, checked my poured casts to be kept safe and sound in my locker, off to Hospital Ampang for BT session which ended at 7.30pm. But I arrived at KLIA2 from TBS terminal at 9.45pm which my flight takes off at 10pm sharp. I said to myself, the battle of me and time only started when i pressed the ERL’s door button and sprinting to the gate and Alhamdulillah made it, thanks to Allah who granted my prayer to be on time and my brother who sprinting along with me 😊

#onceuponatime #year320142015