a great person talks wisely; using brain and not using a fact from nowhere,

self-calming by saying the others are like that as well.

well not, they seems to be like that but they are not.

whoever has created the time-machine (i think Doraemon), i’m going to chase after you because you gave me false hope that it exists but never actually has.

anyway, because i ‘thought’ there is actually a time-machine,

i can go back to anytime when i had made someone angry, upset, offended and all

suddenly i’m awake from fall asleep in late evening after hearing Maghrib prayer’s calling

Shaytan has made the human being keep relying on the other human,

and always keep us off track from asking HIM forgiveness in every single thing.

may Allah forgives our wrong doings and we always help each other in doing good deeds, Amin!

“A Remembrall is a tennis ball-sized glass ball that contains smoke that turns red when its owner has forgotten something. It turns clear once whatever was forgotten is remembered.”