The place that we thought happiness is always a present tense, not in future present tense,

Earth, specifically this World.

Well, time is a VERY GOOD LESSON when we live in it.

And recently these were what i learnt:

No 1, i almost missed my flight last time because i step out from the erl 15 minutes before it takes off; you know how far the boarding gate in klia2 plus the gate was at K12 and Alhamdulillah i made it! Today i was far too early to be there, gate K12 too, maybe I’m missing home so muchhh like i’ve been studying oversea before.

No 2, if you don’t study early, then you have to study late; late means you have to instant cramp your mind and time to fill in every word and understanding in our small brain inside the hard skull. And i did it for 4 weeks in a row! *O Allah, let us pass this 3rd professional exam Ameen!

No 3, if i don’t call now, i might never ever able to call later, which the hypothesis of a little voice inside my head is proven to be so far TRUE! Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun to Mr JN, who was called by Him 7 days ago in the month of Ramadhan, a news that i wasn’t expecting at all!

Then, my stories make me think, have i utilize my time properly? Wisely? Have i made anyone angry or mad at me? Or have i made somebody dissappointed at me? In the time of my life? Am i the only one who care for the present world? Not fill in my ‘tupperware’ for the later world?

Death is so near, but how near the death is?