11012347_10205188727333203_1071227458_nIt just occurred to me that you might have you driver’s license by now. All i can say about that is “Watch Out, world! -Diane Chamberlain, The Lost Daughter

and it still occur and a dream of mine that every of my step, i want to touch this big world!

because i fear of the world that my 8-month-old little Muhammad and my other beloved siblings will live on in the future;

like the fear of late prosecutor parkjunghwan to his daughter-> courtesy, Punch 


Pray to have eyes that see the best,

a heart that forgives the worst,

a mind that forgets the bad,

and a soul that never loses faith.


i read a piece of truth from a man to his daughter;

‘My father said fear had to be faced head on. He told me that everyone is scared at some time in their lives and if you don’t learn to cope with it, then it will control you.’ -Anne Bennett, A Sister’s Promise