First, i’ll just name the doctors..

Dr Patrick, Dr Hakimah, Dr Raja, Dr Foo, Mr Azmi, Mr Mat Salleh and Ms Sulekha.

They are specialists from Medical and Surgical Department of Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh, Pahang

And i will say, almost all of us gave super duper thumbs up for our one week Temerloh posting though sacrificed one week of holiday 😦

Anyway, this chance came once and i really into the role of a specialist who leads a department, a medical officer who guides a houseman officer, and a houseman officer who are a busy beginner

At least, i live up my fantasy there

Alhamdulillah met many great people there who taught me and my friends

O Allah, bless all the knowledge that have been taught, grant us a long-lasting memory and let us pass this course together, Ameen!

*taken on one early morning walking to the hospital :26th-30th Jan 2015