IMG_1075_Fotorthe above radiograph is a dental panoramic tomography or DPT

it shows two dimensional view of half circle from ear to ear and that radiograph is mine ^^ but it’s actually cropped; can’t see the tmj

you see, my 4 wisdom teeth are yet to erupted and my pray is to have all safe and sound teeth, mine and yours *grin


here we go! harry potter time and Professor Slughorn got the lead:


“What about you, Miss Granger? What does your family do in the Muggle world?”

“My parents are dentists. *silence They tend to people’s teeth.”

“Fascinating. And is that considered a dangerous profession?”

“No. *silence Although, one boy, Robbie Fenwick did bite my father once. He needed 10 stitches.”

(…door opens)


in a class Professor Slughorn said this to Harry Potter when he managed to produce a drew of an Acceptable Draught of Living Death (scary but it’s a magic class):

“Congratulations! Use it well..”


well, found this by Joe Hill, Horns

“The best way to get even with anyone is to put them in the rearview mirror on your way to something better.”