When all appears to be lost, the real fight has just begun


Dr Jessie Matthews, a neurosurgeon;

“I did my residency at Stanford with a man who had a spinal cord injury similar to Lily’s. He was in a wheelchair, and he wanted to do neurosurgery because of what happened to him. He got married around the same time I did, and last I heard he had six kids. He married a wonderful woman, also a physician. She’s at the forefront of SCI research, probably because of him. Great lives can still happen after an accident like this.

“I’m not telling you it’s easy, and I won’t lie to Lily either, but I have seen personally what people can achieve. With the right attitude and training, Lily will be able to do great things.” 

Winners is about more than surviving, it is about courage, victory, and triumph.

When all appears to be lost, the battle has just begun.

-Winners by Author Danielle Steel