IMG_1990_Fotor“If i were a flower, then now I’d be a bud. I shall treasure the beginning of my youth without any regrets.” -Ikeuchi Aya

we; which i guess we do, have start our fifth semester with a passion to enter our first time clinical year ever,

preparing unexplained situations (happy, tears, nervous, shocked; maybe..) that might or might not occur later on..

it’s not i’ve been expecting that situations, but i’ll be prepared for what ever ‘scene’ that might happen in the future..

nevertheless i pray and pray for our study, clinical and lab work, exams and our relationship with lecturers, staff and friends will be as smooth as me; sliding down through the water slide (missing Bukit Gambang Water Park last time…)

but can’t deny more there will be obstacles.. may Allah eases our work Ameen.


a single leaf does not fall without His permission.

do you really think that He hasn’t thought about your future?