Once you know how to relate it,

you’ll be a good dentist.


-zalina’s little toothie ^__^

every new year coming, i whisper to myself; ‘this year will be perfect.’

but then, it doesn’t always end like the way i want.

in a second i thought it’s not a good sign for myself,

to think back, He gives the best hint to stay on track all the way where,

“We all fight battles no one knows except Allah. Just remember, He knows all and He can help with all.”

the cure to a thousand problems can be found in a single prayer.

don’t let our heart becomes sticky like the pink+white zinc oxide eugenol.

let’s have only one impression for our matters; that is sincerity.

never let the evil being our master cast in ‘driving’ this human body.

invest our kindness for share so we all can be happy, now and hereafter.

*nightmare isn’t over yetttttttt, may Allah ease everyone!