“comes your mother.

who next?

your mother.

who next?

your mother.

and then your father.”


one day, a young girl bragged about her pretty and glamorous mom who is also sole President of Toy R Us Company to her friends.

all her friends were wow to her life story because neither of them nor their father have the features that she has stated.

everybody already asked her mom to come to school and bring along toys as present to them.

but this one friend, Kim, she never had a mom but a dad that raised her and 3 older brothers.

while the other friends started to talk about their own mom, she thought that she also did has a mom.

her mom was super special because she’s already waiting for her and her family at the Heaven.

her mom was so precious until no one can hurt her physically and emotionally.

her mom was like one of all because she can’t be shared by others and remains in her heart.

that was a thought by the girl who no longer has a mom.

still, everyone has a mom that they always want to brag. no problem at all!

1512701_798616966820084_898146115_n forever Alhamdulillah!!