story about a master and it is a she.

initially, all things that a master has read are kept in a good place somewhere inside her brain.

there is one point when it gets too crowded to be at the first line in the master’s brain,

everything is accumulated like a thrombosis,

it getting bigger and bigger until it sheds off as an embolism.

but the embolism doesn’t give any break to the master; even if she has to take an antidepressant drug, there is no obtundant effect.

maybe the master needs to use rubber dam to isolate each thing to be in order?


i’m not going to lie,

i’m actually scared about where i’m going to be in the future.

whenever comes a time that you are doing something that is difficult, remember that Allah is concerned with quality of effort.

He will reward you if you’re struggling through it, inshaAllah.