734058_575960569125743_885423124_ni learn that a leader should take a good care of all affairs and everybody that works with him or her,

and a leader is no one else like other people, only the difference is he or she leads people so all work works smoothly and within the schedule.

i learn that a leader must know what to do and how to do,

and a leader should has a sense of humanity and will be respected by his or her followers.

i learn that a leader should know how are his or her people’s doing,

and a leader has to be considerate in some circumstances that might come at any second.

i learn that a leader will appreciate more if he or she also suffers like the people who work with while doing a work,

and a leader rises together with the people who work with him or her.

these are the things currently lie in my cerebrum because what i thought is,

if i want the way it is, i need to act the way it is.

may Allah eases our work along with the patience He gives us. 🙂