1461210_10201820280964149_1241117735_n how i start my life, specifically my school life?

i have a very bad impression about school,, nope, kindergarten first.

i can’t say i have neither a phobia because i’ve never experience a school life, nor an anxiety because i’m not anticipating at all nor fear because i hate teachers before i met them and the fact that i need to start studying like other friends and be independent.

so, i bet i’m not a case of our recent BHSC’s role-play last time. 

well, 6 years from when i was born, i never left my umi’s side; my ultimate companion. i wish i could stay with her forever, even an inch!

it’s all start with a thought.

first, when i’m 6 years old, i must attend a kindergarten, no matter how i cried so much not to leave umi’s side, i still need to go to the kindergarten because it is a rule. when recalled back, it was not even 5 hours at kindergarten. -_-#

next, 7-12yrs old primary school; UPSR, 13-17yrs old secondary school; SPM and up to 25 i am a graduate student from university; a bachelorette or doctorate or a real doctor. simple. flowing with the flow…

but, i’m parting from umi as time goes by. that is the thing i hate so much till now. 😦 and that’s why i hate school. i keep ‘moving’ with aging.

actually, not a healthy mind set i’ve been carrying for past 14 years of my school life. maybe because the thought of having my parents and brothers so i’m safe!

sacrifice is the only way to survive.

and it is the first lesson i’ve learnt just before i enter my kindergarten; that i’m able to stay positive, positive and positive. inshaAllah!