Alhamdulillah! for giving us opportunity and blessed with a healthy and fit body yesterday, today and until my soul leaves my body, He promised.

Praise be to Allah Who has created Time and has made some times better than others, some months and days and nights better than others.

until we try, we never know that actually we have a given talent by Him but it’s hidden and i believe in that.

one day, hydrochloric.Acid said: “Stretch 17 muscle to smile cause it’s easier than 43 muscle to frown.”

#2nurhaniYr1:magic time traveling:

this was ‘us’ once upon a time when i used to be extremely bored at home and i’ll find a ‘predator’ or more which was quiet dangerous and they seems not that interested to play with me.

well, the ‘predator’ never sit back, and i was digging my own grave because i was the one who make trouble and my only escape plan was; run away to save my life!

it was 10 years ago with the brothers but i always declare myself that i am a winner until now!

satisfied to the top of my lung and barely hold it before i’m vomiting my viscera.