opportunity to memorize and able to remember what have been memorized for many years ago are the best current gifts we ever have since we’re still in our mom’s womb.

Quran is a mukjizat; past 1400 years ago, and Muslims are able to keep and memorize the verses until this second!

well, when talk about it, it is a universal and promising healer especially for current trending ‘diseases’ among us the teenagers; uneasiness and broken heart.

proven; it calms our heart and made our best day ever.

while every family has a special hope to have at least one of their family member memorized 30 juz of Quran and it’s enough to make the parents proud.

now and here after, there are so many rewards He offers.


up to us to keep moving and stay strong along the journey to memorize the Quran bit by bit, inshaAllah.