*my view of the world during the night

every ‘scene’ in daily life, there must be a certain music plays in our head.

earphones on, neurons begin to dance with the rhythm.

while the other part of brain busy ‘rewind’ the scene,

*mood of the ‘scene’

‘currently studying for final exam’

and later…

i download the other batch of new songs, and the same thing happened,

*mood of the ‘scene’

‘currently studying for pro exam’

what i’m going to say is the effect of studying will go along with the rhythm.

it means when we’re revising, turn on the music that played during that time, you will automatically travel back to the time where…..

i imagined the pattern of ecg tracing and how to obtain infos from it.

even it’s just a basic thing, i’ll never regret to only recall it because i believe in hikmah.

it just we don’t know when, where, how and why it occurs unless we truly believe Allah knows the very best.

trust me, He has a great plan for us and keep pray, pray and pray.

my small heart seems already expel everything deep inside and i’m satisfied! Alhamdulillah i can go on with my life with peace again.