chilling cold tonight gives warm when i get to see and talk and make jokes with my family especially umi

sometime she herself makes me wonder how she survives raising her kids past 20 years

we’re born from the same umi and abah yet still each of us has different personality

umi is really a wonderful mother i ever have! Alhamdulillah!!


 yesterday umi and i had knitted an art from the village i can say, 2 magnificent and dazzling flowerpot knitted-strings with colorful beads 

string: 6 meter x 8 = 48 meter

beads: 10 beads per string x 4 = 40 beads

only for 1 flowerpot!

it was a successful project indeed and after that; hand sore 😦

its were beautiful after all! and this is what we called an inheritance of our culture

* this guy below just eaten his dinner after cried along with the rain