i am a girl and a proud explorer

i don’t live in this earth with nothing to be achieved and i have my ultimate goal;

Allah and my parents’ blessings, happiness for all muslimeen and mujahideen all over the world now and hereafter

i start by having a horse so i can travel across the wild to make my living


with a rightful use of the horse, i can find a cave for shelter and protect myself from danger


now i have a horse and a cave so i need to eat

i explore the earth’s north south east west to feed my stomach

fish+protein, i’m full and able to grow up healthy!

ikan laut 2

i thought where ever i am, i can stand and survive with my very own foot

apparently not, everything i have are all with Allah’s Will

He gave me horse so i can help people to go back and forth if they need to go somewhere

He gave me cave so i can provide shelter for needed

He gave me fish so i feed hungry people with concern and not ego

-late night toon-

Alhamdulillah i able to realize my mistakes Biiznillah and continue doing good deeds inshaAllah!


may this reminder as i turning 20 today aware me of how much i repent to Him, make my parents & siblings happy, help my friends and pray for all