sweet parents talked to their sweet daughter from far far home sweet home promising a sweet day today!!


i saw a small little in a nice pink kurung with her dad on a playground on one bright and lovely morning..

she’s reminds me my old day already wearing kurung..

umi especially has taught me to wear kurung every time we go out with families or friends..

and from my ‘experiment’, we, the girls must set a mind set on everything we wear  so that people ‘can’t see’ and won’t go beyond the limit!

sometimes, it’s not that we don’t know how to ‘wear properly’, but we are too in the rule to separate the certain dress code in campus, playing sports, dinner, window shopping, etc

we are the same everywhere,, just look at the boys and they are simple and we have to be simple!

i am reminding myself and my beloved friends…

ingat! kepedihan azab Allah tidak kira tempat, kena jaga di setiap tempat, apa yang kita pakai semua lelaki tengok, tapi Allah saja yang kira..

tabarruj at its limit!!


once again, i can’t hide my excitement at yesterday Dental Intervarsity Sport Carnival at UM!

play to be fit and competitive but lose at the game is not the ending!

we will try again next year, inshaaAllah!! go USIM!!