photojust a thought and fact!

every second of our school days,

maybe for about 12 1/2 years; 1 yr kindergarten, 5 yrs primary, 5 yrs secondary, 1 yr tamhidi, 1/2 yr 1st degree for now..

we always aimed for the very best result in tests and exams..

even now the word ‘compete’ is still alive! i guess so…

just want to make sure that every single knowledge and skill, we are the one who responsible for it! including me, the writer.

before this, i have this kind of habit when i don’t really want to share what i know and what i have just because i think that everybody already knows about that..

“depa ni dah tau kot.. senyap ja la..” this thought is wrong!


i watch.

i learn.

i change.

same thing if we know something, tell others but just tell..

a habit of mine once upon a time..

i watch.

i learn.

i change.

photolet’s change to be a better person!

be yourself and improving… that’s better~~


my once-upon-a-time.