Sitting on some old cement steps, i noticed an ant carrying a leaf on its back. The leaf was many times bigger than the ant and i wondered what purpose it could possibly serve.

The ant finally came to a big crack in the cement that it couldn’t cross, so it stopped. It had two options – it could either turn back, or drop the leaf and proceed down the crack without it. The solution it came up with was far superior.

The ant dropped the leaf on the crack and made it across the gap by walking over the leaf. It had made itself a bridge!

Once on the other side, the ant picked up the leaf and continued on its way. That’s problem solving for you, on the smallest scale.

#readerdigestjanuary2013 #smartanimal

aEven the ant can think on how to make a bridge over cracked cement, why not us whom have been given such a precious heart and mind to think the best for ourselves?

BCFRbfkCQAAwLdBWe can do it! Just try harder, harder than before! Okay?