time-traveling drama!

here’s the story..

Song Seunghun; Dr Jin, who somehow lands himself in 1860 and puts his genius medical skill to use there. Park Minyoung; plays two different characters, one in each era, so perhaps she’s a petrova doppelganger. Or something. Jaejoong plays the descendant to a long line of master swordsmen, and the best warrior of his generation. He’s competitive and prideful, but he also has a softer, innocent side: his character has a single-minded devotion to his first love. Also Lee Soyeon, as the mysterious gisaeng with visions of the past and the future.

Dr Jin follows an accomplished doctor, Jin Hyuk, who travels back 150 years to the later Joseon era. He comes from a long line of doctors and is genius himself. Because of his own brilliance, however, Dr Jin is unable to tolerate mistakes in others, and therefore possesses a cold, severe personality.

But! Dr Jin suffer from love’s wounds, and through a mysterious power, finds himself transported from 2012 to 1860. Once a doctor, always a doctor, and he begins treating people in that time period, but he’s hampered by the rudimentary medical advance of that era, and has to fashion medical implements and makes medicines himself. In the process, he becomes “a genuine doctor.” In other words, he grows a heart to match that brain..

*the mysterious thing in an unknown a patient’s head year 2012