back to the old memories..

we were waiting in every seconds when our umi; especially, would come back from the ‘special visit’ to Saudi Arabia..

it had been 3 month since she and the other 2 brothers went there,

left the other 3 here..

i started to whine about the aching of my tooth (i never thought of becoming a dentist yet~)

umi said to put ice cubes to sooth the aching..


news guys!!

abah informed us that we would fly to Saudi Arabia on 12th September 2009

smiled ear to ear~

while skyping with them, we never left our smile on our face

we were lucky to be there at the last week of Ramadhan

while musafir by plane, i remembered not breaking my fast just because of too 100x excited to meet my umi and abah after a long time (even though we can break our fast)


a memory that i’ll never forget

once you were there, you’ll always want to be there again n again


(taken during Eid al-Fitri on the same year)