1.If you’re the older sister, be sure to set a good example for your younger siblings. As the oldest, you’re most likely a role model to one or more of your younger siblings. Be a positive example for them to look up to and encourage them to always do their best. Spend quality time together and take turns doing things each of you enjoy.

2.Even if you’re separated by distance, be sure to always keep in touch. Plan outings and trips to visit and spend time with each other. Don’t let trivial things come between you and break the bond that you have. Even if you’re not extremely close with your siblings, you can still be a good sister to them. Send them cards on their birthdays and other holidays, call them and let them know you’re thinking about them, and overall just show them that you care.

Tips & Warnings

  • Love and respect your siblings. Know that families should try to stick together and siblings should try to always be there for each other.
  • If you’re a sister to a brother, you might not be able to relate to each other the same way two sisters can relate but there’s no reason why you still can’t be close. Love between all of your siblings can be equally strong.

well, i am a sister to brothers!!

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