life had been changed unexpectedly after a tragic accident which killed a sister’s twin and also a best friend, Mia; and her mother, Jude; really changed a lot, willingly ignoring her 5-year-old grandaughter, Grace; just because she much more look like her dead Mia..



if it’s not because of Lexi( a daughter of a dead drug-addicted mom-currently live with her great aunt), Mia couldn’t find any friend at the new high school until then..


and during the 3 years friendship, Lexi almost become a part of the Farradays’ family members, Miles & Jude; with their twins; Mia & Zach..

it is not easy to forgive someone who ‘unexpectedly’ killed Mia, which rather Zach’s fault; who drank and supposedly become the d.d (designated driver) that night..

refusing Lexi to call home, Zach had let Lexi to drive…

and at the hairpin turn………



plead guilty; which was obviously not suggested either by her lawyer,Scot or Eva, her aunt..

after spending 65 month sentenced without trial….


she regretted to let her Grace to live with the Farradays after she saw Grace was unhapppy..

she thought Grace would…

‘see..’; she whispered, everything gone really not as it way after Mia’s death..

until Jude and Lexi face with one another, struggle to have both Zach and Grace..

with the promise ring Zach had given Lexi during their senior year..

and the time capsule buried at a beach; Mia,Lexi and Zach’s friendship..

their life would never be the same..