wasting time is somewhat a sin

the Quran tells us explicitly in the Surah al-Asr that;

“swears by the time, verily men are always at loss. Well, the thing is, when you are hard up for an extra time, only will you realise that you have actually squandered some precious time some time ago”

that is the case for me..

i am an unemployed student currently, but that dosen’t mean that i unemployed  from doing anything that will keep my faith to Allah..

there are many things in this world including simply simple tidy up my room; that is ibadah!

cleanliness is a branch of Iman!!

but what keep me from continuously (istiqamah) doing good deed??

i have to remind myself everyday..

we have to remind ourselves everyday..

i got this from one of my tamhidi’s friend saying;

if we have an extra time doing nothing, that mean we doesn’t use the time very well until we are not enough keeping the time track with us..

thanks Zalina….