crowding jamaah during aidilfitri prayer..

another view..

lesser jamaah after hajj..

inside the Nabawi Mosque..

we can already see the beautiful sight of the mosque especially at night from the Quba’ mosque..

an open area at the middle of the mosque..

really refreshing..

if you monitor each pieces of the interior design,really fascinating!!

the movable dome..



From Jabir,Rasulullah saw said:

وصلاة في المسجد الحرام افضل من مائة الف صلاة فيما سواه

رواه احمد و ابن ماجه باسناد صحيح

” And a prayer in Masjidil Haram is better (afdhal) than 100 000 prayers in other   mosques”

From Anas ibn Malik, Rasulullah saw said:

من صلى في مسجدي اربعين صلاة لا تفوته صلاة كتبت له براة من النار وبراة من العذاب وبرئ من النفاق

رواه احمد و الطبراني

“Anyone who pray in my mosque (Nabawi Mosque) 40 times prayers (8 days 8 nights) without leaving any single prayer,then it will be written for him or her free from العذاب في النار and free from العذاب في القبور and free from صفة المناغق”


for your info,at our age:means above 18 years old,we can already register for hajj with Tabung Haji..

so that they(TH people) can estimate the year that we can perform hajj so it is easier for us until the day comes soon..

my estimated year to perform hajj is 2049M/1470H

start your niat from now..

believe in ALLAH!!