busier than the other time..

now i get the chance!!

today is 2.15 pm’s class!!

aa told me to update my blog..

again with her new blog..

as usual..

new life..


9 weeks to go..


as a tazkirah for us..

live in campus is not just about study..

i always told myself..

1. socialise with everyone (good one) don’t forget to feed your rohani

2. practice to be more independant (in making decision-my major problem)

3. save money (doesn’t mean hunger all the time-follow the sunnah)

4. look after yourself

5. don’t waste this 1 year period because it’s not over yet!

6. be brave (if you want to study at usim)..if not,you’re done

7. lastly~~all about the purple bus!!

i’ll wrote again next time..

the end of june