this is a mission..

let say you win something that you want to win..

of course you are in a happy mood..

it’s in the middle of the noon..

then you are told to take a nap..

after you take a lunch..

because the prize is the lunch..

i am very sure you are not going to sleep when someone ask you..

unless you are very tired..

but you are unable to sleep..

then after 30 minutes..

the staff are going to check you if you are deep in sleep or not..


before that 30 minutes..

the director wants to interupt you..

by acting talking to the staff..

about a story..

while you are struggling to not hear anything..

(in a slow motion talk)

“when you get off the bus”

“you usually say thank you”

“but once a girl got off the bus”

“she said, ‘i’ll be back’ “

i am a 100% sure that you are trying to hold on your laugh..

only if you get the situation..

and i do..