recently, i read an article about performing hajj..

usually, some of the hajj pilgrims would perform solat sunat Tahiyyatul Masjid when enter the Masjidilharam especially before tawaf qudum..

while the correct tahiyyat at Masjidilharam is by performing tawaf around Kaabah..

Al-Zarkasyi wrote in I’lam al-Sajid fi Ahkam al-Masajid stated that there are 5 al-tahiyyah (starter of a prayer) for every single thing..

1.tahiyyah in a mosque is by doing solat sunat

2.tahiyyah at Kaabah is by doing tawaf

3.tahiyyah at Tanah Haram is by berihram

4.tahiyyah at Mina is by doing melontar

5.tahiyyatul masjid for khatib Jumaat is his khutbah


an article from solusi magazine:25th issue