refer to Abdullah Nasih Ulwan’s writing,game that is forbidden is when listen to the song with music. (in context of modern and unacceptable song only)

evidence from Ibnu Asahir in his book and Ibnu Shashri in his Amali’s book from Anas bin Malik r.a. said:

“Any person who sit and listen to the female singer,Allah will pour out hot tin into his or her ears at the day of Judgement”

the reason why music is illegal is it so oblivious, destroy human’s moral and lead to do sin.

when this thing happen; hot wind,earthquake and change shape will occur one day.

from what Musaddad and Ibnu Hibban was told from Abu Hurairah which Rasulullah saw said:

“Person who use music’s instrument,invite female singers,hit the drum, drink alcohol and continue their drinking and game till morning, they will be cursed(change shape)”

if you allerted,it is one of colony’s tactic to destroy all his colonised people with song’s fever which lead to disaster to themselves.

the colony introduced bars with drinking site and half-dress woman to colonised people which make these people to forget their obligation to Allah especially Muslim.

the points that i said are about the unaware music only.

i understand it is hard to just forget or throw away the musics but we can stop slowly and slowly. that’s the way.

i know it’s hard for you,but it’s hard for me too ^_^