“Anger in a person is like a weapon in their hand,it can give advantage or distruction”

According to a history,there was a henchman who brought a dish to his master.Unintentionally,the dish felt onto the rug for the dish.

The master then got angry but the henchman said: ‘Try to remember Allah’s words.’

The master asked: ‘Which one?’

Then the henchman said: ‘ “And the people who forbid his anger…” ‘

The master listened and said: ‘I’ll frobid my anger.’

The henchman said again: ‘ “And people who apologised the other human’s wrong” ‘

The master said: ‘I apologised you.

Then the henchman said: ‘ “And Allah likes people who did good deeds.” ‘

Lastly the master said: ‘You’re now free and for you a thousand dinar as my deed to you.’

The henchman was set to free after forbid an anger by read one of Allah’s word in Ali Imran verse 134:

“that people spend in ease or difficulty and those who restrain anger and who pardon men. And remember,Allah loves those who do good things”