I kept thinking about him.That was the first year i hade known him so close.A year before thet,i just knew him by his name and actually i didn’t recognise him very much.This thing always came to my mind and i had no idea how to react when i saw him because i thought i had a feeling for him.

My heart beat faster when he crossed by.I pretended like i didn’t see him.That was the hateful moment in my life and it tortured me so bad.When i knew he already had someone else,i just felt like i wanted to melt.But,like i said before,i acted like nothing happened.I thought that was better.

And till one day,i found a yellow paper beneath my calculator.I could smell a strange feeling and suddenly i thought of him.My guess was right.You knoe what he wrote?Here was a bit part that i could never forget:

“…the truth is i only knew you when we are on a same class and i found out you are a very interesting girl.”

You know that letter ended just like that.I started to think maybe there was a hidden meaning but i could understand already.The next day when we met by chance,he smiled at me.At that moment,i knew he had fall in love with me.

Since that moment,he began to chat with me and when he was busy,he would gave a card with the word ‘hi’.For your information,i collected the cards since the first day he gave it to me until now were over 56 cards!When i showed him the cards back,he was flustered.

But never mind.Finally we tight a knot in Hawaii around year 1937 and were blessed with three daughters including the twins;Emmalin Holden,Alice and Alexandra Holden and thirteen grandchildrens.

-Victoria Holden-

original story : me

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