Probably Queenstown’s most famous thrill-seeking activity is bungy jumping (also known as bungee jumping), where a long elastic cord is attached to the ankles or harness, and the person jumps off a large height. New Zealand was brought to the forefront of adventure sport when in 1888 AJ Hackett opened the first commercial bungy jump from the Kawarau Bridge, 43 metres (141 feet), over the Kawarau river.

The Queenstown area houses three bungy sites, apparently the jump off the top of the gondola was moved around the mountain due to the graveyard below, and the inappropriate screaming during burials… This particular jump starts 400m, that’s 1300ft! over the city, and you can choose to jump normally, or swing over the township, night or day.

Bungy jumping was inspired by David Attenborough’s 1950’s footage of the land divers of Pentecost Island Vanuatu, who tied vines to their ankles and jumped off tall platforms as a religious ceremony to bring a good harvest.