On my last post,i write about who is GD??Many of the viewers misunderstood about GD.i wrote ,’

Who is GD?

I really like GD word.

GD is everything……..

I the only one who know what is GD…….

It give me inspire to continue my life a long as i can.

ohhhhhhh GD………..

(Please suggest me who is GD in your  mind…)

   So today I want to describe who is GD.Actually GD is a ‘Great Deal’. A Great Deal is a good bussiness ( refer to Mr. Dic ). I had been thinking about it.Truly GD is my idea across my mind one day. So I decide to write an article about it.

   Every day, i always thinking about my future ambition.What i gonna be next??it always in my mind.Last year i take PMR exam.so today i had been in f4.Wow!!!so fast.sometimes iwanna be adoctor.sometimes i wanna be a lecturer.sometimes a wanna be an optemetrist.sometimes i wanna be a bussinesswoman.sometimes i wanna be a lawyer.

  So now i prefer to talk about bussiness.how the Islamic bussiness now??to be a bussinessman/woman, you have to know about it,so your carier will be done.GD or Great Deal is a description about well-developed business.In our world,one most popular bussiness is a food product,Nestle,a Jews product.Why Nestle become a very popular product while Islamic brand always (merudum).Nestle has so many branches of itself.

   So look today,the Jews brand always number one.the islamic product always stay behind.the product never published to the society official but there is a lot of product of Islamic such Halagel,RFC and so on.Now Islam alwyas think that GD isn’t important.

   So try a great deal in this century.the Palestinians is fight for Islam from the Jews laknatullah but in Msia such nothing happens.But we continuesly shopping in Tesco,have a coffee break at Starbuckkss Coffee,refreshing the throats by drink Coca Cola.Now we know great deal in Islam is important in order to increase the islamic product by boicot the Jews.Please do not donate any cents to the Jews or we will ccontinuesly support the jews to fight the Palestinians.

    So to the bussinessman/woman,try a great deal!!!!!!!!!

Thank you