Water Fact::::Every day we use more than 200 litres of water per person.
                       ::::When you leave the water running while brushing teeth,you’re wasting 1 litre of 
                              water every 3 minutes.
                       ::::The way we’re using water now ,scientists estimate that we’ll need to increase water
                             supply by the year  2025 for it to be enough for the eight billion people on earth
                             during that time!!!
   Forest fact::::Every second ,enviromental researhcers estimate that an area as big as one square kilometre is
                               being destroyed in the rainforest to make room for land development,farming as well as to make
                               things such as to house ,furniture,pencils and paper???
                        ::::According to Conservatree,an organisation that promotes recycled paper ,it takes 24 trees to make
                              200,000 sheets of paper.On average ,one person uses about 2 trees worth of paper every year!
                       ::::The felling of forests does not only mean less trees,it also means the animals lose their home and face
                              extinction when they can’t find food and shelter.
Pollution Facts::::On average ,a group of climate scientists called
                                      the IPCC (Intergovenmental Panel on Climate
                                     Change)estimates that each person on earth
                                     produces almost four tonnes of carbon dioxide
                                     that choke the air.
                              ::::Garbage thrown into landfills will rot and release
                                     harzadous chemicals and contaminate water that
                                     flows into rivers and oceans.
                              ::::Every year,100,000 marine mammals ,a million
                                    a birds and a very big number of fish in the sea die 
                                    because of water pollution and the trash that is
                                    dumped into the ocean.