Keep up

No matter how much you try to run away and step on it,

Destiny follows you know matter what.

It's no use in running away from it.

So instead of running aways from it,

Fight it.


*our healthy pledge at the beginning of final year Alhamdulillah 😊


The smile of people on the rainbow lit the streets

Make me smile as well

The feel of good wind, the heart flutters

Greet each of my steps

#TheBestHitOST #BeautifulBeautiful #finalyeardentalusim

Thumbs up!

Our time now may not seem like much.

Everything we have may seem like it's nothing and trivial.

However, like a poet once said,

The greatest poem has not been written yet,

And the greatest song has not been sung yet.

Our best days are the days we haven't lived yet.

That's why the present and everything we do now are precious to us.

We still have our best hit coming.

#TheBestHitFinale #leejihoon

Oral Caliph ’12-’17

#OralCaliph #Dental6thBatchUsim #Graduate2017 inshaAllah ☺️

“Motivation gets you started,

Heart keeps you going.”

– Alex Shibutani, US figure skater 

#ShibSibs #VlogOnYoutube

*already missing treating patients as an undergraduate dental student, supervised by beloved lecturers, working together as a partner, arguing what is right and what is wrong, managing folders and instruments, spending time in clinic even during lunch time, doing labwork before going home and rest before the next day starts