It’s official!

“Do what you love..

Because for us we love to skate,

And of course there are challenges pursuing what you wanna do.

But as long as you have that peer love you can hold on to you’ll be persevere.

You can return to that and pushes you pass all the trial and the things that are difficult and challenging.

If you can return to what your passion about to begin with that’s what’s really helped us with out career.”

– Maia Shibutani & her brother Alex Shibutani aka #ShibSibs; US figure skaters of ice dancing

Credit to UsWeekly

Next week; 26/02/2018 will be an official date of me starting my career as a dentist! InshaAllah 💪🏻

Pray for me… and all my classmates 😊

And I want to share behind story about the above photo

It was taken after I finished working on wax rims of my favorite second patient ever during my third year

Then I went for semester break but my brain kept reminding of my first patient who was not compliance to my dental treatment *he requested for a full dentures but I can’t even get his secondary impressions before my break so sad 😭

So just to make me feel secured, I purposely called the first patient to say hi but he didn’t pick up

I called my favorite second patient, his wife picked up, I asked for her husband and told me he died of heart attack a week before 😭😭

This novice dental student who never know how to deal with the news was just speechless and I didn’t even leave KL yet……

That was the story 😭

To cut it short, I endlessly got motivated by my parents, lecturers, friends and my own patients to keep my head up and it’s not over until it’s over

Alhamdulillah I’ve learned a lot and able to get up!



“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim, you don’t grab hold of water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax and float.”

– Alan Watts

*courtesy my friend, Atiqah Md Jamal 😊


“Your life isn’t defined by the challenges you face, but by how you react to those challenges.”

– Maia Shibutani, US figure skater of ice dancing with her brother, Alex Shibutani

Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul, South Korea


Gyeongbokgung Station Line 3, Seoul, South Korea

The original intention I created this wordpress is to cherish every moment in my life *well not every moment though 😜 since i was in form 4 year 2009

This year is the 9th year I’ve been actively sharing my journey with my readersssszzzzz *i hope there is someone hereeee

Well, I have achieved part of my dream and once again if you enrolled in Bachelor of Dental Surgery you know the taste

InshaAllah I always positively looking forward on my next step and please pray for me 🌹