Butterworth, Penang

Learning components that I’ve learnt today…

1. Observation

2. Interaction

3. Action

4. Mistake

Well, point no 4 is the toughest component ever for some person like me because i don’t want imperfection.

That’s how I used to live, live and want to live.

Mistake is definitely one of the step to perfection and competent.

Way to go!



Rewinding the moment on 5th March 2018 when they announced our posting locations one by one…

We all getting nervous and can’t sit still before then because our friends from other states have been informed their places…

And we’re still waiting….. in our seats…..

Now, it has been almost 2 months since then…

Alhamdulillah 😁

Lesson 8

The most well-formed thoughts always come from past experiences in life; both good and bad.

When enough experience is gained, some will learn the truth about reality.

– Professor Jodum of Dreams Come True Institute: DREAMS COME TRUE written by Damrong pinkoon


There’s always tomorrow.

However, no one can tell what may happen tomorrow.

The ceiling may give away, the road may be blocked or we may lose a loved one all of sudden.

We are going to end up helpless when it comes to that.

Standing all alone in the darkness where in you can’t see what lies beyond.

There are times when your spirit will be nearly crushed.

What if there’s no light ahead?

What if you’re moving further from the light by walking in the opposite direction?


“I knew it. These fellows are the worst, right?” – Hiyama

“Yeah, they’re really a handful.” – Fujikawa

“We have no idea what’s going through their minds.” -Saejima

“They easily get depressed with trivial things.” – Shiraishi

“They’re like us.” – Aizawa


During those times, we want you to remember you have comrades who can walk together with you when you’re suffering alone in the dark.

What you need is not the light itself but comrades who will be able to search for the light together with you.

As long as you have them, you will be able to keep on walking.

If it seems hopeless, turn the other way and start walking again together with your comrades.




– Code Blue season 3