When it comes to fear

It is a result of self-doubt and worries about trivial matters

To conquer fear and worry, there is no choice but to believe in yourself 

So believe, and only focus on the target

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Life’s only getting greater

Straight up from nothing we go

Higher than the highest skyscraper

No Little League, we major

The proof is in the paper

We put the good in the good in the good life

We put the bad in the past, now we alright

#GoodLife #Fast&Furious8


#mentormentee #31stmarch2017

Learn from your teacher at first place

Then share with your friends 

Do not afraid 

Do not greed

Do not beg

Do it right!

InshaAllah 💪🏻



She looks beautiful than ever

As she lays there

Her eyes emanate the strength of her soul

Subtle aches of living 

Callous ache of betrayal 

Sorrows of being strange soul

Tears of loneliness 

There lay secrets deeper and darker

Then the mysterious sea or cave known to human

And there was him in the corner

Frozen by what he saw inside the eyes 

The Universe he never discover

The story he never read

And the love he is searching 

@misshatulis aka my best friend 😊